Today in the city Nectar 18.01.2019
Well, this wild Nextdoor post escalated quickly

No driveway is ever fully safe. Nextdoor user "Vicki" knows this intimately. Recently, Vicki complained on the app that random people were using her circular driveway to turn their cars around. So Vic...

German researchers make robot to simulate pre-historic creature's movements

Researchers in Berlin have created a robot to simulate how an ancient land mammal walked. They used a 290 million-year-old fossil of an Orobates Pabsti as well as fossilised footprints. The data h...

We Tried Trader Joe's Best Vegan Buys — & Here Are Our Favorites

Eating vegan no longer feels restrictive — especially when exploring the grocery aisles of Trader Joe's. The budget-friendly store boasts a massive lineup of vegan products that range from savory to s...

Shopping for a weighted blanket? Walmart has them on sale for as low as $59.99 — that's over $100 off.

2019 really just might be the year that people stop complaining about being single. Weighted blankets, while not new to the world of therapy and disabilities, have mainstream folk practicing self car...

China's trade data 'will get nastier,' economist says

Recent trade data from China pointed to further concerns about a slowdown in the second-largest economy. Policymakers have vowed to roll out stimulus programs in coming months. While economists see a...

Thousands demand resignation of Colombia's chief prosecutor

Thousands of Colombians have joined protests in cities across the country to demand the resignation of the country's chief prosecutor, Nestor Humberto Martinez. Protesters at a rally in Bogota could...

Natti Natasha Dominates The Urban Latino Market, Unapologetically

Natti Natasha celebrates her latest single release "Pa' Mala Yo" and her 15 Premio Lo Nuestro Nominations by getting to work on her new album. Expect themes of women power to dominate the lyrics.

Incredible images show bat drinking nectar from a flower

A British retiree managed to capture a stunning image of a Long Tongue bat licking nectar from a flower while he was on vacation in Costa Rica.

Mau And Ricky Celebrate Premio Lo Nuestro Nominations, Announce New Album

Mau and Ricky celebrate their Premio Lo Nuestro nominations by announcing a new album. "Para Aventuras y Curiosidades" will be released by Sony in 2019.

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